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    Apologies for not catching your emails in our Support system for some reason. Here is some info regarding a fix for this error:

    This issue has been caused by the recent Windows 10 “Anniversary Update”. It seems that Microsoft have inadvertently removed a DLL that some applications require. No doubt this will be fixed in a subsequent update, but in the meantime, a ‘dummy’ DLL, that should resolve the problem, can be downloaded from:


    For a single user, not running from a network install, this is relatively easy to install. Simply unzip the attached zip file and copy the contained DLL into your Autograph folder. This is generally located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Autograph 3.3. For network users, we are currently working on a patch. However, in the meantime, you can use Group Policy to push the DLL file out to all client machines.

    Hope this helps.


    David commented  · 

    I have tried EVERTHING to get Autograph 3.3 running in W10. The best that I do is to get Autograph 3.2 running unlicensed. My emails to support go unanswered. We have an RM Connect 4.5 network

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