Installing Autograph under Microsoft Windows (Single Machine)

The standard installation is performed using the executable package which is available from the trial link on our main site. Alternatively you can download this from:

Full instructions for this installation are available at either of the above links. However I include a quick summary below:
  1. Download Autograph as above.
  2. Run the installation Package, using all the default options.
  3. Run Autograph.
  4. At the Trial Dialog, enter your details and select the following activation option:
  • If you are installing as a home user with a Single User Licence, use the Single User option.
  • If you are installing as a stand alone PC in an institution please use the 'Single Computer at Institution (Not on Network)' option with the appropriate serial number.
  1. Now Select 'Activate Via Web' and follow the dialog options.
  2. Now Click 'Finish' to open Autograph.

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