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Autograph no longer working on Mac since update to High Sierra

I get an initialisation error when trying to run Autograph on my Mac.
This is since upgrading to High Sierra.
I contacted support via E Mail but they did not reply.

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  • Tim commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am sure they can fix this error properly. The actual message is:

    CrossOver is unable to initialize a critical component.
    Failed to import cxutils module into Python. See console for errors.
    The program will now exit.

    This seems to be an error that occurs to many different software packages. I assume Autograph uses some sort of bundled version of CrossOver because I don't have my own copy on the Mac. The only solutions to the problem involve reinstalling CrossOver but if you don't own it you can't do that.

    I tried reinstalling Python but that made no difference.

    I hope Autograph can fix this soon - I need the program.

  • Thanakul Wattanawong commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have managed to work around this issue by running Autograph through a locally updated version of Wine (2.21 compared to the bundled 1.6) using the prefix inside the package.

    To do this, make sure to have an updated copy of Wine (I use Homebrew), and installed in the Applications folder.

    Then run the following command in Terminal:

    env WINEPREFIX=/Applications/ wine /Applications/\ Files/Autograph\ 3.20/agraph.exe

    I am assuming that the version number may possibly vary. You may have to check the package contents for more details.

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